Key takeaways: 

  • DNA sets the template of all potential gene expressions, and those expressions in turn influence what health conditions we may have or may be susceptible to.
  • Conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease will affect your body’s immune response.
  • To understand individual immune response, we must look not only at our DNA, but also at these potential health conditions and environmental and lifestyle factors.
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How DNA affects the immune system through genetic variation.

DNA has a complex relationship with the immune system.  DNA determines our genetic makeup, and small segments of our DNA, called SNPs, determine genetic variation. Some of these variations may direct how the body responds to disease or trauma, so discovering genetic markers from our underlying DNA could help predict individual immune response.

According to Dr. Chris Spooner,

“Inflammation, immune response, antibody production [and] all the rest of that is determined by these sets of genes that we have that are encoded in our DNA…The DNA starts to set a template for that…like instructions.”

Looking at someone’s DNA can lead to finding genetic predispositions, which can give a better idea of which therapies could be most effective in helping to prevent or mitigate the effects of different diseases. If a particular genotype is associated with conditions that influence antibody production or inflammatory response, for example, then treatments that look at the underlying DNA and genotype can be very helpful in predicting the body’s immune response to attack.

In tandem with other factors such as lifestyle and nutrition, and how that impacts gene expression, DNA can point towards targeted therapies like medication, types of food, or specific CBD or cannabis products that have been found to be well-suited to different genetic profiles.

What about Covid-19?

Health factors that can be influenced by DNA, like diabetes, high blood pressure, or cardiovascular disease, can negatively impact the body’s response to Covid-19. Our DNA has to be looked at with all the other factors involved in order to best understand the body’s immune response to a virus like Covid-19.

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Watch Len May, CEO of Endocanna Health, chat with naturopathic specialist Dr. Chris Spooner to pick his brain about how our DNA can impact the immune system. 

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