Key takeaways: 

  • DNA and genetics play a role in how susceptible we might be to viruses like Covid-19 or influenza, and what preventative measures could work against them.
  • In terms of our immune response to one of these viruses, differences in gene expression, could influence the severity of symptoms.
  • Genetics are involved in health conditions like diabetes and heart disease, which can influence your body’s immune response.
  • Ibuprofen and the Coronavirus each enter the bloodstream through the same receptor in our blood vessels, but it’s not clear if taking ibuprofen has an impact on symptoms nor whether it increases susceptibility to the disease.

If your genotype can make you more or less predisposed to poor immune function, what can you do?

When it comes to viruses like Covid-19 and influenza and how they relate to our DNA, we want to look at two different angles: susceptibilities for prevention, and what happens if we do get sick. 

Genetics can point to underlying health conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease or an immunodeficiency that could influence our susceptibility to a virus, or affect the severity of its symptoms.

Ibuprofen and Covid-19.

There’s been a lot of confusion around the issue of taking ibuprofen to relieve symptoms of Covid-19. Ibuprofen and the novel Coronavirus use the same receptor, ACE2, to enter the bloodstream, which has led to concerns that taking ibuprofen could make you more susceptible to the Covid-19, or increase its severity. 

Ibuprofen, certain blood pressure medications, or high glucose levels can all cause the body to produce more of this ACE2 receptor, which could give the Coronavirus more opportunities to enter the bloodstream. However, there is still no clear impact of ibuprofen on Covid-19. Different countries have reported different experiences with ibuprofen and Covid-19, which may be tied to underlying genetic differences between those regional populations.

For example, prevalence of immunodeficiency in a population with a shared genetic background could mean that that group is more susceptible to a virus like Covid-19, or could influence how the disease develops after infection.

Once someone has contracted a virus, the body draws on the information in their DNA to determine what defences to put in place. Underlying health conditions, which are influenced by genetics, may point towards both increased susceptibility to the disease, or the potential for more severe symptoms. 

Learning more about your own DNA and genotype can help you better understand your own susceptibilities and what measures might help to prevent infection or lessen symptoms.

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Visit our website to learn more about our breakthrough DNA test that can help match you with the right CBD or cannabis products to enhance your health and wellness. 

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