Endo·dna skeptic to endocompatibility true believer!

Chef Brandon Allen

Could you be genetically predisposed to an adverse event from cannabis?

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Len May, CEO of Endocanna Health and Brandon Allen talk DNA, endocompatibility, THC adverse events, and genetically aligned cannabis products.

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Part I: Len walks Brandon through his personalized Endo·Decoded report.

In this video you’ll hear:

  • An explanation of epigentics and genotype expression, and what that means for cannabis consumption.
  • How cannabis metabolism really works and what your DNA can predict.
  • An overview of each Trait Report in the Endo·Decoded report.
  • Brandon’s exprience with cannabis over the past two years and what he really thought about Endo·dna’s claims. 
  • Brandon shares a very personal and very scary experience he had with cannabis.

Part II: Brandon’s revelation and how he became a true Endo·dna believer!

In this video you’ll see:

  • Len May shows the specific genetic code that created the exact right circumstances for Brandon’s adverse reaction to a cannabis product.
  • Brandon’s complete reversal on the role DNA has in predicting his cannabis experience.
  • Brandon’s Personalized Wellness Plan and why he believes the Endo·Aligned formulation suggestions could change his life.
  • Why he believes the Endo·Decoded report is a must have for anyone who wants to optimize their cannabinoid therapeutics.

Endo·dna gives you the power to make smarter decisions and the right tools to reach your wellness goals.

Brandon Allen

Chef and Director of Research and Development, Trichome Institute

Brandon is a professionally trained chef who studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where he created his own apprenticeship with a master chef on the Olympic Culinary Team.

Throughout his culinary education he competed in numerous competitions, preparing him for the day he earned the title as the first ever High Times Top Cannabis Chef.

Brandon is an Interpener – a sommelier of cannabis – and has the ability to identify cannabis quality and effects through visual and aromatic evaluation. After sharpening his Interpening proficiency and further educating himself on cannabis quality, evolution, and taxonomy, Brandon partnered with Trichome Institute as the Director of Research & Development, with the parallel mission to normalize cannabis and develop Interpening as a respected expertise.

Your Endo·Decoded™ report translates your DNA to help you optimize your cannabinoid experience.

Stress/Anxiousness and Cannabinoids

Pain and Cannabinoids

Sleep and Cannabinoids

THC and Metabolism

Opioid Dependance and Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids and Cognitive Function

Cannabinoids and Feelings of Depression

THC and Suspetibility To Psychosis

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