Focusing is the key to getting what you want. What should you do if your genetic code is preventing you from focusing on the task at hand?

To get what we want in life, it’s necessary to focus and concentrate. All too often, however, life’s constant distractions tear us away from the flow state we cherish.

What if your latent ability to concentrate were genetically determined? Even better, what if certain natural substances targeted the genes involved in concentration to help you stay focused and avoid distraction?

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What causes lack of focus and concentration?

Everyone has difficulty focusing from time to time. Exhaustion, stress, and hormonal changes can all make it hard to concentrate on the task of hand.

If you constantly struggle to stay focused, however, you might suffer from a psychiatric condition. Chronic issues with concentration can be caused by:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Is ADHD genetic or environmental?

ADHD is considered to be a largely genetic disorder. It’s possible to develop this condition even if no one in your family has ADHD, but you’re much more likely to experience the symptoms of ADHD if an immediate family member has also exhibited ADHD symptoms.

ADHD isn’t the only type of focus disorder, and there are many different types of ADHD. Almost invariably, however, conditions that chronically cause trouble focusing are genetically based. 

Which genes are involved in concentration?

Variations in the COMT gene have been associated with the risk of ADHD development in children and adults. The cannabis-related gene AKT1 may also play a role in ADHD symptoms.

How do I focus better?

Improving your overall health and well-being will help you focus whether you have ADHD or you’re facing difficulty concentrating for another reason. Examples of techniques you can try include:

  • Exercising regularly
  • Improving your nutrition
  • Getting enough sleep

In addition, there are a handful of “life hacks” you can use to focus better. Examples include:

In the end, however, the best way to focus better is to treat the underlying factors that are preventing you from concentrating properly in the first place. The only way to take this approach is to:

  • Test your DNA for the gene variations that are keeping you from focusing
  • Ingest natural substances that target these specific gene variations

How can I increase my focus naturally?

Scientists have identified a variety of natural substances, such as theanine and curcumin, that might boost your ability to focus. Natural substances will, however, affect each person differently depending on their genetics.

Depending on your unique genome, a focus-boosting substance that works for another person might affect you negatively. If your genetic code exhibits certain tell-tale variations, a variety of different cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential oils might be useful in treating your inability to focus.

What are the best cannabinoids for focus?

CBD, CBG, CBN, and THC are used most commonly for help concentrating. Depending on your genetic makeup, certain cannabinoids might help you focus better than others.Does CBD help you focus?

Does CBD help your brain? This cannabinoid is commonly used to help with neurological conditions like epilepsy and multiple sclerosis, so it would make sense if CBD helped your brain concentrate as well.

Variations in the AKT1 and COMT genes alter the effects of CBD on your nervous system. Since these genes are also involved in ADHD, the potential genetic impact of CBD on ADHD  and other concentration-related disorders is worth considering.

Does CBG help you focus?

Users report that using CBG imparts a feeling of focus. This non-intoxicating cannabinoid appears to interact with AKT1, one of the genes involved in ADHD.

Does CBN help you focus?

Studies have been conducted into the potential anti-ADHD effects of CBN. This research has delivered very promising results.

Does THC help you focus?

Many people use THC to help with focus and treat concentration-related conditions like ADHD. Depending on your unique genetic code, THC can cause side effects that might make it even more difficult to concentrate.

What are the best terpenes for focus?

The terpenes pinene, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene have been widely recognized as useful for focus. Based on our own research, however, pinene, terpinolene, eucalyptol, and puegone interact most strongly with the genes involved in ADHD.

Does terpinolene help you focus?

Many cannabis smokers believe that THC-rich strains containing terpinolene are useful for focus-related disorders. Terpinolene directly affects AKT1 expression, one of the genes involved in ADHD.

Does pinene help you focus?

Pinene is widely cited as one of the best terpenes for focus. This terpene is closely related to terpinolene, and pinene appears to impact ADHD and other focus-related disorders at the genetic level as well.

Does eucalyptol help you focus?

Eucalyptol, one of the primary components of the eucalyptus plant, is renowned for its focus-boosting properties.

Does puegone help you focus?

Puegone, one of the rarest terpenes, might help with ADHD and other focus-related conditions.

Does indica or sativa make you focus?

Cannabis smokers commonly report that sativa-dominant strains help them concentrate the best. This preference could, in part, be explained, by the greater prevalence of terpinolene in sativa strains.

Pinene is roughly equally available in both indica and sativa strains. Eucalyptol and puegone are rare in both indica-dominant and sativa-dominant cannabis phenotypes.

What are the best essential oils for focus?

Used in aromatherapy and ingested orally, certain essential oils contain compounds that are believed to help with focus. In particular, wild orange and peppermint essential oils are considered to have particularly potent focus-boosting properties.

Does wild orange essential oil help you focus?

Wild orange oil is rich in terpenes and other beneficial, non-intoxicating compounds. While wild orange oil is different from normal orange essential oil, these two substances overlap considerably.

Scientific research has shown that orange oil might help with stress and anxiety. It’s possible that these reductions in stress could also help with ADHD.

Does peppermint essential oil help you focus?

Peppermint essential oil offers a holistically soothing effect. This natural substance contains many different compounds, and some of these compounds appear to interact with the genes involved in ADHD.

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