Key takeaways:

  • CBD and cannabis can decrease your body’s immune response to a virus like COVID-19.
  • Increased immune function and inflammation is a natural part of your body’s response to infection.
  • Cannabis use when you’re sick with COVID-19 or another virus is not recommended.
  • Watch the video to learn more.

Despite your best efforts to stay healthy, you may find yourself sick with COVID-19 or another flu virus and you’re looking for ways to recover faster. You may have heard that CBD and cannabis can help, but you’re looking for more details as to whether this is the right treatment for you.

It’s commonly thought that because CBD and cannabis products can support a healthy immune system, that they naturally make for an effective treatment against viruses like COVID-19. But as Dr. Chris Spooner, Chief Science Officer of EndoCanna Health explains, this isn’t the case.

“…when you’re seeing the anti-inflammatory effects [of CBD and cannabis] on certain parts of the immune system, particularly those that are part of the first responders, we don’t want anything to slow down those first responders.”

He suggests that CBD and cannabinoids can slow an immune response to a virus like COVID-19. More specifically, Spooner says,

“…they [CBD and cannabinoids] have that impact and that’s why they’re regulatory. They balance things out and in this case they may actually be counter-productive.”

With this in mind, when looking to recover from COVID-19 it’s important to remember that increased immune function and inflammation are a natural part of the body’s healing process. You want to support your body during this time and provide it with optimal resources to fight infection.

Helpful suggestions to boost your immune response include getting plenty of sleep, incorporating supplements like vitamin D and zinc into your routine, and eating a balanced, whole foods based diet. Also ensure that you’re isolating yourself from others to prevent the spread of whatever virus you may have, and to keep from picking up another infection from an outside source.

CBD and cannabis can have a powerful effect on your immune and endocannabinoid systems, but not during an acute viral infection. Endo·dna’s breakthrough DNA test can show you how your unique genetic makeup will influence your body’s response to cannabinoids, and allow you to make smarter decisions about CBD and cannabis use.

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