Key takeaways: 

  • Stress and anxiety are on the rise. Both can depress the immune system, making us more susceptible to illness and disease.
  • Cannabis may help you relax and manage your stress levels, especially if you are taking a cannabinoid formulation matched to your DNA.
  • When it comes to smoking, tobacco is worse for your lungs than cannabis, but smoking anything can impact your lung function.
  • Lifestyle issues, including stress and anxiety levels, cause the majority of chronic health problems.

 How can we effectively use cannabis or CBD as a tool to help us cope with our feelings of anxiety or stress during this crisis.

Covid-19 and its hit at a time when we as a society were already  experiencing less of a work-life balance than ever before. With the addition of the novel Coronavirus and its unknown long-term implications, stress and anxiety levels are rising even higher.

Both anxiety and stress can impact immune function, making us more vulnerable to disease and infection. When there’s a disease like this out there, health management becomes even more important.

Lifestyle, stress and chronic health issues.

Naturopathic specialist Dr. Chris Spooner points out that:

“…emergency situations are one thing, but … with chronic illness and chronic disease, what we know is lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle.”

The vast majority (80-90%) of chronic health problems, can be impacted by lifestyle, including stress levels. If you find that CBD or cannabis relaxes you, helping you manage your stress or anxiety, it’s best to incorporate it into a holistic health regime that includes getting enough sleep, exercise, and good nutrition.

Beyond that, as Dr. Spooner says,

“Don’t get complacent. Make sure you’re doing all the other things that the CDC’s are telling us… make sure you’re protecting yourself. Try to really limit the infection and the spread of infection.”

Smoking cannabis and lung function.

We know that combustibles (products we burn to inhale) are bad for our lungs. Tobacco, especially nicotine, is generally worse for us than cannabis, but other factors such as frequency of use, additives and even the type of burn paper can influence the impact of smoking on the body.

Smoking cannabis flower, rolled in organic paper or smoked with a pipe, would be better than tobacco, but you’re still smoking something and it’s still impacting your lung function. It’s important to take that into consideration when deciding on what type of CBD or cannabis product to incorporate into your lifestyle.

Watch Len May, CEO of Endocanna Health, chat with naturopathic specialist Dr. Chris Spooner to pick his brain about smoking, stress and anxiety, and the pandemic.

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