Key takeaways: 

  • Immunoglobulins are responsible for finding and locking on to a foreign agent, like a virus, until it can be destroyed by white blood cell.
  • Cannabinoids seem to either lower the body’s immune response or cause the body’s immunoglobulin response to switch from one class to another. 
  • Cannabinoids are most closely associated with immunoglobulin type E, which is connected to our allergic response.
  • Immunoglobulin is another word for antibody.

What is immunoglobulin?

Immunoglobulin is another term for antibody, and their job is to seek out and attach to cell invaders like viruses, bacteria and other harmful agents. There are five different classes of antibodies (immunoglobulins), which each have different characteristics and different roles to play in the body’s defense system.

Dr. Spooner uses a military analogy to compare the role antibodies in the body to the role of the canine corps in a mission:

“Basically, the dogs are trained to go after something specific. They track it down, latch on to it, and then hold it in place until the MP’s come and grab it.”

Antibodies act the same way, going after a specific target, like a virus in a cell, and locking on to it until a white blood cell can arrive to destroy it. Antibody classes each have different targets and display different levels of behavior and aggression.

Cannabis and Immunoglobulin levels

Cannabinoids seem to lower the response of some classes of immunoglobulins because they generally dampen down the immune system. Cannabis could also switch the body’s immune response from one class of antibody to another. The class of antibody that seems to ramp up with cannabis is type E (IgE), which is associated with allergies. 

On the whole, it looks like cannabis

  • Suppresses immune function,
  • Lowers some immunoglobulin levels, and
  • May be involved in switching the class of immunoglobulin, which could be helpful or problematic, depending on the situation.

Cannabinoids may affect immunoglobulin levels, but that depends on the class of immunoglobulin and your own unique genetics.

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